No tool like the curler or better known as an eyelash curler with the immediate power to open the eyes, enlarge the eyes and curl and lift the lashes.

Its effect is unrepeatable. It can be used alone, or as a previous step to mascara. There is no tool like the famous eyelash curler with the immediate power to open your eyes, enlarge your eyes, and curve and lift your lashes.

Except for the thermal curling iron, which is shaped like a small comb, all mechanical curlers have a very similar design. The key to making it a first-class eyelash curler is found in the rubber band and in the width of its opening. We always recommend a silicone rubber, flexible and easy to clean, to avoid germs. The opening must be maximum to accommodate all the tabs effectively.

When we choose the curler, we have to check that it is wide enough to fit all our eyelashes, not all brands make the same width. It must also have a good grip so that it does not slip while we use it. The rubber should not be too hard or too soft and ideally it should have a replacement.

We share the most popular eyelash curlers among our followers so you can tell us search engines you have used and the results you would like to know: 

Metallic eyelash curler: Similar to scissors and curls the lashes by pressing them between a rubber band and a metal edge. 

Plastic eyelash curler: With a more modern shape that consists of a handle and that also works with the pressure of rubber bands generated by a spring. 

Spoon: This method is very old and makes them very beautiful. To curl them with the spoon you must do it with the appropriate force and pressure. You should put your thumb under your lashes and clean the spoon with the convex side towards your eyes and the sunken or concave side facing out. 

Mini tweezers-type eyelash curler: This curler is indicated for the eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye, to achieve a more dramatic effect in that area. It acts like the normal metallic curling iron, pressing between rubber and metallic edge, but with more definition in the result. 

Thermal Eyelash Curler: This version is like the plastic curler but with heat. They do not exceed 37º, the body temperature. The curling effect is longer lasting thanks to the heat. You have to wait a couple of minutes for it to heat up. 

Thermal comb: It is a pseudo-comb or brush with a small heat resistance at the tip. This type of curling iron can be used after the mascara, in fact it is more recommended. You have to wait a minute for it to heat up and the curling effect is very long-lasting, but applying heat so close to the eye can be annoying. 

What is essential to keep your eyelashes looking all their splendor is an excellent mascara such as XiC Silk Mascara, which thanks to its brush with microfiber at the ends leaves your lashes with the appearance of a false eyelash. 

Tip: A good time to curl your eyelashes is when you get out of the shower, since with the humidity and heat, they curl much better. It is also typical to heat normal eyelash curlers with a blow of the dryer, with care. 

What do you curl your eyelashes with, with a curling iron or with the famous spoon?
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