Users will notice the appearance of longer, thicker, and stronger-looking eyelashes and eyebrows between the 3rd and 4th week if they follow the 5 steps.

Have the appearance of stronger, longer, more voluminous, and thicker-looking eyelashes and eyebrows

It is very important for you to acquire XiC products through an authorized distributor. That is why; the best way to acquire it is by contacting our "Business Center", where we will give you the most reliable information and the best service.

XiC specializes in having a formula designed for sensitive eyes, it contains extracts of aloe vera and chamomile to soften your experience. In addition, its content is parabens-free. Considering the amount of product in XiC’s container (5.50 ml) and the quality of its ingredients, it has the best price on the market. XiC offers discounts if you purchase 3 or more pieces, making it the most accessible product.

The treatment lasts between 6 and 8 months; its lasting depends if you use XiC only on your lashes or brows, or apply it on both.

Of course! Actually, XiC will help you get the appearance of stronger-looking eyelashes and eyebrows strengthen and tighten your lashes. After using it for a few months, you will realize that you will no longer need extensions or inserts to make your look spectacular.

Of course, the consistency of XiC is designed to not have any leak inside the eye.

Do not use XiC if you present an infection in your eyes during its use, or suffer from chronic conjunctivitis. We do not recommend sharing your XiC with someone else. Eye infections are very contagious. Do not use XiC during periods of chemo or radio therapy. We do not recommend using XiC during your pregnancy period. In case you have undergone eye surgery, do not use XiC until at least 2 months have elapsed since your medical discharge or until your ophthalmologist allows it.

As it is considered a cosmetic, XiC does not require its approval.

An irritation or an allergy are not the same. If you present any irritation in your eyes, do not freak out; this may be because your eyes are too sensitive. If this is your case, space the use of XiC until you notice that your eyes are used to the activities of the product. If, otherwise, you think or know that you are allergic to the product, then we recommend that you stop using it and go to an ophthalmologist immediately.

Both, your eyelashes and eyebrows have a natural life cycle, in which after a few weeks, they fall irremediably; giving rise to a new set of lashes or brows. When you stop using the product, once you have obtained good results, then your lashes and / or brows will fall, and the new ones will grow to their original size.

Definitely yes! This does not prevent XiC from generating the expected results.